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Idaq® have provided a range of internet services to a wide range of customers since 2003. Our services include Wireless Leased lines, Fibre optic leased lines, public and private Wi-Fi services and datacentre colocation, 

We're 100% UK based and operate from our own data centre facility in Sheffield, with points of presence in both London, Leeds and Manchester. Our data centre also serves as the Network Operations Centre for Idaq Networks®, where we distribute and control our Icnos® wireless internet service.

Unlike traditional or wired internet services, which are delivered by the legacy infrastructure, we use state-of-the-art carrier grade wireless equipment where possible or dark fibre to your point of delivery. Using our wireless infrastructure we are entirely independent and have no reliance on any single third party carrier or exchange to deliver service.

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Nominet member

Nominet are the UK's internet naming authority. Being members of Nominet allows us firstly to register UK domain names directly with the authority and not through a third party. Secondly our membership allows us to have a say in the future direction of the UK internet namespace. We actively monitor the direction and progress of Nominet and use our voting allocation to help guide Nominet in the direction we feel would benefit our customers.

ISPA member

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) is the UK's trade association for providers of internet services. ISPA UK was established in 1995 and promotes competition, self-regulation and the development of the internet industry. As a trade association, membership is voluntary but the companies who choose to become members of ISPA agree to abide by the ISPA UK Code. ISPA members' allegiance to the Code means that consumers can view the ISPA UK logo as a mark of commitment to good business practice.

Full Ripe member

As a member of Ripe we're classed as a Local Internet Registry or LIR. LIRs are so called because they are responsible for the distribution and registration of internet number resources at a local level. LIRs also ensure that RIPE community policies and procedures are followed at a local level.

Customer testimonials

"If you’d asked me if I’d consider a wireless leased line a few months ago, I’d have been very cautious. The Icnos system is incredible with up to 200mb speeds available and the prices are extremely competitive. Choosing Idaq has made our temporary decamp to the alternative premises very much less painful than it otherwise might have been."
Ian Ross, Motus Traffic Ltd
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